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CHAPTER V the album in stores Aug 21st

Still it's "Invented Sex" shout to my co-star Grace :) ladies don't hate - she's a great girl. Pleasure to work with

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2571 days ago

Still it's "Invented Sex" shout to my co-star Grace :) ladies don't hate - she's a great girl. Pleasure to work with


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DELAMUZICA 2216 days ago

Damn...y u like skinny girls so much Trey?? LOL Naw shes pretty.

THEPOWEREMAG 2414 days ago

Oh what's ya name....Fab plugged you in at the club huh?

Somethin_Major 2465 days ago

shes very pretty =)

LayDeeNayYuuup 2477 days ago

she is pretty!

LayDeeNayYuuup 2477 days ago

she is pretty!

dawn_01 2492 days ago

she's so pretty{no homo} lol

DaRealBarbie19 2496 days ago

there's something about her look she is really BEAUTIFUL, & the video was great as well, why are girls hatin business is business chill out SMH

LaydieShae 2525 days ago

shit i aint im tryna figure out how i can get in tht position shes lucky i wud have love'd 4 tht 2 be me
btw yall look'd good 2gether it was very real

EdyhedlA 2526 days ago

Grace, you lucky bish lol. *not hatin tho* might take a trip to MTL for yo concert

AMBiTiOUSGiRLx 2532 days ago

yea , iiqht . i mean she okai she ain't all dhat she aint tha next bitch tell tht bitch too fall back . see ima hater i qo hard . overall loved the video it was ice-yyyy .

SHezD0peAF 2533 days ago

lol i bet!

BeautyfuLLJessi 2536 days ago

Well Im hating and Im Jealous lol shes sooooo lucky

gracepedrotti 2537 days ago

i liked the video, she was naturally beautiful, it was a good look. :)

paidkizzy 2537 days ago

Is this the girl from gotta make it video?

MissPoca 2538 days ago

i said it from the first time i seen that video..shes a cutie & very pretty&natural!! good choice..and btw i loooove that video..cant stop watching love the chemistry between ya 2 ;)

Diva3608 2538 days ago

she's pretty.....hatin ass bitches lmao just mad cuz dey couldn't get in da vid if dey auditioned ass fuckin naked

katrice82 2538 days ago

yeah i bet she was a pleasure... hah

Jamaicanbch 2538 days ago

that video was sexy as hell!!! WHAT???? i watched that shit 4 times. damn fuck all deese dam haterz... they just mad cuz dey cant work witcha.

Angie_Singh 2546 days ago


TashurRaquel 2546 days ago

lol @ sayin "dont hate" in advance, you just knew it was coming from these females.