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A picture truly speaks for itself... I have mixed feelings... happy for Sef the worst winner I know & sorry for Jeff the magnificent loser

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2422 days ago

A picture truly speaks for itself... I have mixed feelings... happy for Sef the worst winner I know & sorry for Jeff the magnificent loser


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Hereisagoodone 2421 days ago

I love the fresh smell of this wonderful seafood!!! huummmmm smeels so good!!

heatheryfe 2421 days ago

Guys this is seriously getting out of hand. There are other ways to do forfeits. Stop before someone dies for crying out loud!

BrendaVancamp 2421 days ago

OMG that was SICK. I was gagging. you boys better stop I can tell this is going to get ugly. Who's idea was the oysters ? Kanu? You boys better play nice. Show the love. I have a whole new respect for Jeff but still have Sef's back

Corbijn2 2421 days ago

You are a man of honor Jeff, you respect your rock!! You are the King!!

suzy_lafort 2421 days ago

You know actually some people like these slimy things! berk... I would never have done it...!

Myrismith 2421 days ago're THE man!!! I knew you could do it! You could never be considered as a're to strong, faithful and humble to be defeated! Keep on rockin'!!!

Moshizzle99 2421 days ago

ewwwww i wouldnt have done it.....bravo jeff for showing sef you can lose gracefully. hopefully you wont have to lose again!

YFESue 2421 days ago

Hey Jeff My Hero!! There is no way I would eveb have gone near those things.... you are made of tougher stuff than Sef thinks you are!!!

momenemy 2421 days ago

yeah...i'm kind of worried about those other games too! (lol)..great job dear son - if you had to get rid of that load quickly, it would be good if your friends were standing close by! (lol)

lebordelais 2422 days ago

Ça sent le fumé de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique!! Mais ça va bien avec tous les Twitts de la journée... Il n'y a vraiment aucune justice!! Y a une équipe qui se nomme les Macaques? Pour Sef?? ;) JT

yfeofficial 2422 days ago

Jeff did it, a man of honor! And as a man of his word, Sef insisted & pressured Jeff to finish the whole thing... Sef knows how to win, NOT!

Juliette007 2422 days ago

Yeah you did it !

yfeofficial 2422 days ago

It's only the 4th game of the season... 78 left until the playoffs & it's already crazy: or

Mathilda_Fragol 2422 days ago

Don't worry Jeff! Don't let the clams overcome!!

yfeofficial 2422 days ago

I just saw Jeff eating those, well, disgusting slimy things... you gotta watch that video: or

Robert_Dude 2422 days ago

Ouch Jeff;) hope you like Clams:D

Juliette007 2422 days ago

Oh yeah mixed feelings here too but i guess that when it'll be the time for Sef to loose, Jeff won't have mixed feelings !lol!

mardoche 2422 days ago

You will survive's not the end!!!
So many games also...if today it's oysters and clam....I can't wait to know what will be your crazy ideas for the next games!!!