Dana White



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machidaufc 2014 days ago

I Machida Karated that.

fgonzagapereira 2020 days ago

Perfect Homan

kodemunke 2025 days ago

I bet you can hit that dana. haha

stabbyfest 2028 days ago

damn, I wish i was there =P

julianocoelho 2032 days ago

vo├že e linda demaisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

IAmIsai 2033 days ago

Olivia Munn = Hottest girl everrrrrrr

joelx415 2040 days ago

Mesmerizing hypnotic eyes

BJJ_LA 2040 days ago

North South position all day.

bestbudz99 2040 days ago

I wonder how many times Dana White banged her .

elgatoblonco 2040 days ago

damn ma que bonita awwwwwww i can teach thing about the ufc just holla orale

RedRum26 2041 days ago

no makeup...rawrrrrrrr

RedRum26 2041 days ago

no makeup...rawrrrrrrr

smredsoxguy 2041 days ago

Yes Dana white once again you are the man. She is definitely smokin

Zyemorphusphere 2047 days ago

You are one of the all time sexiest women I have ever seen. you grace every stage you step on.

ScottyMacLeod 2048 days ago

That's my eye candy for the night. Too bad this hottie is married. AOTS rules!

c0mpu73r 2051 days ago

ye ye ... nice

arthurperea420 2051 days ago

Damn Dana she is hot , maybe you need to give a private lesson on the take down and mount

mmapundit 2052 days ago

Olivia,per Dana's instructions here are some few MMA basics:-
MMA is essentially kick boxing Combined with Ground fighting..unless you're Lyoto Machida then you can add real Karate and Sumo..by the way nice smile

chargeintogear 2052 days ago

her beauty is so deafening

cmpltclutch 2052 days ago

she would make a great guest octagon girl check out her show and photo spreads