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1759 days ago


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eesomecafune 1733 days ago

yay! sukot ...

God3sblog 1753 days ago

Hello Matis we are travelling up for the gig tonight in Islington don't start till we are there !Rememeber God is not a symbol of goodness, goodness is a symbol of god

yudiz 1756 days ago

it was a good way to close the show

yudiz 1756 days ago

awesome show but as one of the many people who attended your first show in the tour, play more energetic songs. idk if you did jerusalem as an encore but it was amazing

mike0805 1758 days ago

Keep up the good Work MATIS, Don't be a stranger.. Been tryin to contact you. Remenber our days at work in the bronx?

shovelhead4 1758 days ago

Yea,Adam with the dreads that are long gone now and the wolf dog too. Good to hear your music,love it,Hope the tour is goin good.

shovelhead4 1758 days ago

-look forward to seeing you jam again in st. louis u brother!

shovelhead4 1758 days ago

Adam Davis (North Star- Old friend)-remember the dank old blue mercedes?

gorgirl79 1759 days ago

had such a great time at your concert tonight, thank you!
was amazing to sing such powerful songs in Yerushalayim. Moadim l'simcha

raquellasiegel 1759 days ago

Had a blast at your concert tonight! Thanx for coming home to Jerusalem and for keeping Hip Hop alive while keeping it true to God!

Non_Sethquitur 1759 days ago

All i know is that you better play "late night in zion" in the chi

lit2bears 1759 days ago

Hello Matis,
If you are in Isreal, Good Eve, If you are in U.S. Good Morn. I love your song, "What I Am Fighting For", It sends goose bumps all over me!
And I didn't know you were on Twitter.

TruthandSalvage 1759 days ago

Never been to Israel, keep rocking the staff.

shevy9md 1759 days ago

I wish I could be there...(2 of my favorite things, Israel and Matisyahu) Please surprise us with a FL show!!!

jewishlibrary 1759 days ago

Waht a great photo! I would so love to be there but won't be in Israel until next month.

getfitwithkyna 1759 days ago

L'Shavana Tova! Any plans of a Phoenix, AZ concert? I missed your show last year. I love your music!!

toxicsushi 1759 days ago

there will be light and not exactly going to request jerusalem, but i am sure it will be great...moadim l'simcha!

billb12 1759 days ago

Beautiful my man

LipaFan* 1759 days ago

i request a shukel with that lilov... RT : Father: How are we Holding the ARBA MINIM? Boy: the LILAV & ESROG in Right Hand & 'BlackBerry' in Left Hand...

jazzagecoral 1759 days ago

you've been there a really long time. coming to Ohio anytime? ;).