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I'm now old enough to be my parents. Married to a woman out of my league, father to a son already cooler than me, host of a show I don't deserve.

Just killin' zombies with @alisonhaislip, @nikolez, and @festante. Oh, and drinking a lot:

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2665 days ago

Just killin' zombies with , , and . Oh, and drinking a lot:


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Caparthia 2545 days ago

Friends+beer+Left 4 Dead=FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeditrekie311 2664 days ago

Killin zombies & drinkin beer with good friends priceless!!!!Yo B Can a brother get invite next time lol lol

ps3gamer14 2665 days ago

you playin nazi zombies?

AmyD_is_me 2665 days ago

both you and A-hai make me smile. :) they should have you two host an AOTS at least once. lol I think my T.V. would explode w/ awesomeness!

kidWKD 2665 days ago

It almost looks like *someone* is using a wired controller, heheh. Nothing against that, just saying I find it humorous.

Schuey2k2 2665 days ago

Uhhhm, yeah? Who plays vids sitting bolt upright? Have you heard of this thing called 'kicking back'?

Schuey2k2 2665 days ago

And a good time was had by all!

pasteurized 2665 days ago

All so close and comfy.... and yes, best zombie killing posture ever.

jayhynek 2665 days ago

dont you kids have to work tomorrow? tisk tisk. wait a min... i'm smoking a phatty bo batty right meow.

csoy13 2665 days ago

You guys have the best zombie killing posture that I've ever seen!

xBlackjackDavey 2665 days ago

Great choice of beer man!