Deepak Chopra


IMG00079-20091007-0354.jpg Guess where I am. With whom?

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2487 days ago

IMG00079-20091007-0354.jpg Guess where I am. With whom?


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SarahMaria 2487 days ago


sasart1 2487 days ago

With another devine spirit. Ah but where? Museum or gallery perhaps.

shamanshaz 2487 days ago

yr in Deli with a very Holy & revered guru. He looks very spiritual & peaceful. I`d love to spend some time in his presence.

Guezos 2487 days ago

at ur place posting this image with your computer

Canyn 2487 days ago

He has a wonderfully kind face. I can picture him as a teacher.

alohameme 2487 days ago

Mr. Deepak, are you with the Dalai Lama in the photo you have posted? Who else could it be?

mcubedconcepts 2487 days ago

: I imagine you were wounded pretty bad. Do not give up on love. God, Jesus, please help KILOBEN. Thank you. Amen

AEspiritualista 2487 days ago

Deepak with Sri Brabhupada, the master and author of I'm The Door!

kathrynlim80 2487 days ago

with another familiar body of consciousness.

Peta_de_Aztlan 2487 days ago

India with your grandfather?!?

TheEleventhHour 2487 days ago

You're in India with yourself standing next to a beautiful man :)

healingheartsla 2487 days ago

In India, still in Delhi?? Perhaps in an art gallery or museum. I think you are with an older relative. Hope your time back home is lovely. I have always wanted to see India. Namaste.

ppelayo 2487 days ago

really kiloben? just be and let be, please. Don't speak if you have nothing good to say.

TraceyJWhitney 2487 days ago

In a hotel or art gallery with ummm a man who looks, smart in orange?

kathylking 2487 days ago

You are in India, perhaps in a Temple with a holy man?? I wish I was there. Namaste

MsSexyPresident 2487 days ago

this is u with some special movie guy that is a speaker? the guy that is really smart and talks alot on youtube>?

sweetmangoLOVE 2487 days ago

who left the comment below. thank you my friend for the lessons of right mind, right speech, it is from the unkind that i have truly learnt kindness. namaste

sweetmangoLOVE 2487 days ago

you are in a place of calmness with a person who is a reflection of love :)

CharDeloche 2487 days ago

In a temple in India with a guru or monk.

azulygia 2487 days ago

you are in India either with a political person?...or...a spiritual being...perhaps...near taj mahal? must be a significant color?...spring colors both wearing...