Alexander McQueen


The World of Alexander McQueen..... Watch this space.


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paolaiezzi 2694 days ago

someone saw the second part?.....

_helloworld 2695 days ago

.. server crash! .. oh fuckaduck.. someone pls record!!!

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

were on fin section.....

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

weve had lizards now were on fins

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

wever had reptiles

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

fin section.....

miguelvieirag 2695 days ago

we can't see in brazil. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

AdrianAndShane 2695 days ago

still can't see anything ... so frustrating :(

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

its starting

mavc1960 2695 days ago

Has anybody being able to open the s..... showstudio site? Is NOT working!!!!!!!!!!!!

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

we are suffering high demand....... keep refreshing or completely quit your browser and start up again....

paolaiezzi 2695 days ago


JoshuaNassiri 2695 days ago

yeah interview on now !!

KJD_KatDavey 2695 days ago

Hi everyone.....keep trying....try clearing your cache or typing in the exact address the show hasn't started yet. it is currently showing an interview from lee mcqueen

MycholXander 2695 days ago

Just be patient..... It takes a wee bit longer to get all the fabulousness together.... It will be on soon!!!

JoshuaNassiri 2695 days ago

this sucks no it says 500 internal server error .

paolaiezzi 2695 days ago

someone could please tell me if the show started... my i can se nothing!!! Pleaseeeeee

JoshuaNassiri 2695 days ago

come on now wwd is talking about the cameras , i bet the show has'nt even started yet , they;re always late anyway . grr

Pobeda 2695 days ago

Working! It's ON ya'll! Right now watching the interview! :D

decoflamingo 2695 days ago

bullshit! It is supposed to go on at 8:15 Paris time, and according to the World Clock it is now............woops.........8:38! Yikes.............that means we are screwed. So I guess I can go to the gym. Will have to settle for video or the