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Guess where I am?

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1807 days ago

Guess where I am?


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karenassaf 1806 days ago

Can't really tell, seems I had a bit too much to drink ;)

MsSexyPresident 1806 days ago

omg, when is the movie coming out? ur gonna be a famous supa staah on the movie screen huh?

miradubitskij 1806 days ago

in heaven

TheEleventhHour 1806 days ago

You're in a cave with a Monk :)

rosadelosviento 1806 days ago

En la India

namaste88 1807 days ago

With the Dalai Lama. Thanks for posting pics

SteveHaase 1807 days ago

In the subtle plane, building alliances with light-beings from other universes. Right?

ashwatimk 1807 days ago

In a Krishna temple?

mumbaigirl 1807 days ago

in some temple in India with a great spirit pic too blurred or with your mom/dad?hard to tell :)

conniezone 1807 days ago

Is that Ben Kingsly or the Dalai Lama?

shamanshaz 1807 days ago

Where ever it is it`s looks peaceful! Wish I was there!

NatyLaLoca 1807 days ago

In a sort of temple? Maybe visiting Dalai Lama?
Looks like a placefull place. Enjoy!
Love from Uruguay

LyRikal 1807 days ago

everywhere, nowhere .... looks like ur morphing .... lightbeing .... great pic.

LaFemmeEnNoir 1807 days ago

Don't know but sure beats where I am right now!

sugarflypyt 1807 days ago

ok ok I made a boo boo...In India with some monks.

elvertin 1807 days ago

If what you say about consciousness is correct then you are everywhere.
And so is your friend.

StBarbarian 1807 days ago


infinite_love_ 1807 days ago

meeting your relatives at their house?

cmax 1807 days ago

Definitely some sort of temple..

verina9 1807 days ago

no idea, but it sure is blissful