You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

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1753 days ago



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izanabarreto 1452 days ago

so beautiful

mycherryshoes 1455 days ago

eclipse ' s flowers!

TeamTwilightMEX 1468 days ago

Meadow eclipse?

SoaneRose 1621 days ago


andreiarar 1626 days ago

I love this photo ;)

xTeamStewart 1627 days ago

from eclipse right?

kimiMes 1642 days ago

The perfect meadow

SavvyMonday 1718 days ago

I love the blue and the light on this day! I gaze upon it with admiration and great joy!!!

katii19 1734 days ago

I really love this pic! It's gonna be my wallpaper!

Srtaregina 1734 days ago

Pretty!!!!very pretty!!uau!!:-p

Tylastar 1737 days ago

Ohmygoodness. It's totally breath-taking! You can take over my photgraphy teacher already!

jennaves 1738 days ago

Stunning picture.

te_iubesc 1741 days ago

FINALLY! Thank you! That, to me, looks like a meadow!

HPFangirl71 1744 days ago

wow... seems like the meadow is gonna be even more amazing this time around... more realistic looking!!

ashleyschrtbrgr 1746 days ago


Naome 1747 days ago

THE meadow?? Nice anyhow. X

LilyMillie 1747 days ago

I feel like you're just walking around taking pictures while others are directing the movie. But I'm sure that's not the case and that you're doing a good job. (:

kryzTLE18 1748 days ago

love the flowers :) love the shot... btw, what flowers are these? awww* the meadow e&b

KarinaNOlano 1748 days ago

absolutely breathtaking...can't wait to see it on film next year

charming4ever 1748 days ago

any one in Canada name that pretty blue flower its gorgeous.