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Thanks heaven for Chiswick Post Office. I've spent years looking for a ceramic alien playing a levitating keyboard.

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2125 days ago

Thanks heaven for Chiswick Post Office. I've spent years looking for a ceramic alien playing a levitating keyboard.


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Zoe_Tiny_Davies 2121 days ago

Oh my god!!! I want that soo much!! would be soo cool if there were a whole group of them, some on guitars etc. xx

paul5876 2124 days ago

i have a bobblehead alien playing guitar at home

Tracybs 2124 days ago


OBMCFC 2125 days ago

was it modeled on Andy Bell or another 80's synth star

AngiePangie89 2125 days ago

Reminds me of the gift shop I went into in an animal park in Fuerteventura, expecting animal themed gifts when I in fact found pink garlic. As in garlic, they had painted pink.

StewartDunz 2125 days ago

Me thinx he's trying 2 have his wicked way with that lovely teapot with the bubblewrap roof

sassyb74 2125 days ago

Love it! its even better than the odd knitting gear we have in my local p.o. do you think he's leaning for a reason or is it just wonky cos its rubbishy tat?

Damo_24 2125 days ago

I'd say that'd be worth 15 quid on bargain hunt.

Rapagena 2125 days ago

Very "Cash In The Attic". In fact the PO could call them in....

toreSupra 2125 days ago

What is it with POs? They're starting to look like a cross between a car boot sale and those OCD houses on "How Clean is Your House"

ComfyChairs 2125 days ago

I thought my quest was over but I misread. My search for a ceramic alien playing a keytar goes on.

antihuman_c 2125 days ago

I don't think that is a levitating keyboard I think it is balanced carefully on his alien unmentionable.

angelmummy41 2125 days ago

Yes, but what tune is he/she/it playing? Looks kind of mellow, some smooooth jazz perhaps?

isobelwatts 2125 days ago

this is laugh aloud funny, thanks for taking the time

imo_imo_imo 2125 days ago

HA! that just made me dribble tea x

karendiamond1 2125 days ago

lol ... Now that's what I call a shelf of tat!!! Is that a dead daddy longlegs to the right the classy teapot?

CathyEyre 2125 days ago

Whats in the black n white striped gift bags?

irgxana 2125 days ago

What a find! I hope you went ahead and purchased this little beauty

himynameispheeb 2125 days ago

Wow i want it !!! Oh yer !!! LOLZ xoxo

cwinskill 2125 days ago

Wow a Compass.....with protractor. (also known as a geomatry set). I didn't know they still had them. Everythings all done on that computer thingymebob