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IMG00076-20091006-1928.jpg Guess where I am?

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2549 days ago

IMG00076-20091006-1928.jpg Guess where I am?


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AEspiritualista 2548 days ago

I lived there. I know you since then.

MsSexyPresident 2549 days ago

ur in a theater making a new movie!! the background looks soooo fake!

WestsideSamurai 2549 days ago

That looks so surreal, nice pic Deepak.

TheEleventhHour 2549 days ago

You are sitting with the brothers :)

vaibhav22 2549 days ago

its the akshardham temple complex in delhi,india..spiritual movie..boat rides,exhibitions..(mini spiritual disneyland)maybe

GloZen 2549 days ago

"Arth (Economics) Neethi (Science) Vargh (Section/Division/Class)". Must be in Gaya, Bihar or Varanasi/Banaras, UP.

227Synch 2549 days ago

Ok. Are you in Sweden? No, Lumbini? Rajagaha? A wat in Thailand? The Wat Pho Wax Museum & Overpriced Gift Shop?

Snowspirit655 2549 days ago


Windhorse61 2549 days ago

Nowhere in particular, but everywhere in general?

Erik_Leonard 2549 days ago

In een "hoe maak ik een reuze domino D-Day met rode en gele domino stenen" les ?

jtsmom316 2549 days ago

2nd from the right?

verina9 2549 days ago


sudhanshan 2549 days ago

In Nalanda?

Chrisgourlay 2549 days ago

Behind the camera ;)

kathrynlim80 2549 days ago

my first response...a wax musuem!!! :D

Jmbxwp 2549 days ago

Looks like a wax museum.

elvertin 2549 days ago

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

tina_svilena 2549 days ago

This is beautiful! I wanna be there too

purplesunset54 2549 days ago

Oh..Oh!! A Buddhist Monestary?

cspvln 2549 days ago

A college!