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My super fat bouncing grey ball of doom!

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1740 days ago

My super fat bouncing grey ball of doom!


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Sir_Natiel 1482 days ago

*hypnotized by cuteness* MUST HUGGLE :D

Chaoselemental 1531 days ago

you can keep chincillas as pets :O

HSsai 1598 days ago

that be her chinchila pet in reality :o

lilgamefreak102 1606 days ago


BigSky900 1610 days ago

Its cute

LancellAE 1610 days ago

That looks like my chinchilla...

BurceChuat 1679 days ago


kururu999 1683 days ago

OMG ITS SO CUTE =>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AqwChill 1689 days ago

AWWWWWWWW this is the real chinchilla rite?

Velvex 1699 days ago


SirValor666 1728 days ago

You called your Chinchilla phat!?

scott0124 1731 days ago

i also have a chinchilla outside of aqworlds(the real non cyber world)and mine is just 3 months old they look alot alike except mine got white paws

imeans 1734 days ago

IT HAS RABIES RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SkylineSV 1736 days ago

Is this the real Chinchilla? The one that has the face that looks like this "=3". It's so cute...

GriefAE 1736 days ago

aww its so cute! :333

Sky_Ever 1737 days ago

awww thats so cute :D, I have a hamster and wanted to get a chinchilla but I heard they're not that easy to take care off :o ...I guess ill have to wait till i get my freedom o.o

Lady_Adella 1737 days ago

Oooh he so tooot!

dannydrumz 1737 days ago

can i haz? i feed it nom nomz ^^

Cuti2005 1737 days ago

Chinchillas FTW!! and cute xD

TheOnlyDEnM 1739 days ago

your chinchilla? Cool