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My beautiful white cloud of happiness!

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2521 days ago

My beautiful white cloud of happiness!


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Sir_Natiel 2264 days ago

Im getting a chinchilla very soon :D mine will be grey and white ^^ i

lilgamefreak102 2388 days ago


WiiR 2513 days ago

Aaaaaw, cute.

SkylineSV 2517 days ago

oh my bad, this is the chinchilla. XD

dillonmerrittAE 2518 days ago

holy crap a chinchilla! omg! scared the crap outta me but yesh they are cute! nice pet beleen!

ShadowAE 2518 days ago

そのチンチラはかわいい (I think I said that right :/)

Lady_Adella 2518 days ago

both of your Chinchies are Kawaii! (I like this one best though ;) )

GimlieAE 2521 days ago

ooh...soo cute!

Brainfreez_AE 2521 days ago

Chinchilla :D i have a ferret :D

Robot_Tweets 2521 days ago

Chinchilla! >=O

dystopiandino 2521 days ago


kinzvlle 2521 days ago

mr cloud i promise a airplane will not hurt you

Crystal_Lion 2521 days ago

One fatty to rule the chinchillas!

GermainGM 2521 days ago

So cute!

ShadowAE 2521 days ago

Chinchilla! :o

DrewDudez 2521 days ago

Looks rather down to be a cloud looking at the facial expression. Then again if i had to describe it it'd call it a puffy fuzz ball. =p

0neRebel 2521 days ago

So keyoooote! >w

Nautobleach 2521 days ago

me wants one D:

Trog_AE 2521 days ago

Awwwwwww :) Reminds me of my little hamster...

CyanAsif 2521 days ago

Though A rabbit isn't really a Chinchilla