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I had no idea u could order shoes on a menu!

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2036 days ago

I had no idea u could order shoes on a menu!


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Doreen13 2016 days ago

I would have had the high heeled shoes!

jerseygrl5682 2022 days ago

so did u order the shoes lol!!

xlovegood 2034 days ago

hahah i didn't either....i'm gonna get some there

flatonthefloor 2035 days ago

It SHOULD say Red High Heel Pump, instead.

justinbyrd19 2036 days ago


Brice_J 2036 days ago

So the question remains.. DID YOU ORDER IT?!?

tanyatuckerfan 2036 days ago

bsnell80 said it best I believe! lol

Kafjr1313 2036 days ago

Bye the way,I am a cab driver in vegas. I have driven a lot of celeberties, and none have complained. Let me know when you come back. I'll be glad to give you a safe and comfotable ride. And with my southern accent you'll be able to understand me. HE, HE.

Kafjr1313 2036 days ago

Be sure to remove the high heels. You could #poke out an eyeball#.(quoteting my fav. red carpet intervier-YOU. HAHA

theflashie 2036 days ago

so did you order them? yummy? hahaha

Bsnell80 2036 days ago

a pump for your red high heels:)

LaurenJoy11 2036 days ago

only for you, kellie ;)

ajnray73 2036 days ago

That is too funny! :)

_kirkir_ 2036 days ago


iheartTebow 2036 days ago

aaaaawwwww serendipity!!!! my love! i hope you had frozen hot chocolate :) yummy

valerieadell 2036 days ago

Ooooh! Where is that?

brieluvspickler 2036 days ago

hahaha! & i see my name! Brie..... lol:) Dang! im cheese! haha

vamp124 2036 days ago

Are they red high heels? lol

AdamHarrison80 2036 days ago

Kellie you are awesome!

soxlady13 2036 days ago

Who came up with the name for that sandwich?