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Worlds largest menus at "Serendipity"...

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2458 days ago

Worlds largest menus at "Serendipity"...


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flatonthefloor 2458 days ago

Hehehe. Rachel's facial expression is priceless.

nancy123456789 2458 days ago

Serendipity! Frozen hot chocolate. It was good. Cute little place.

justinbyrd19 2458 days ago


cowboyGor 2458 days ago

lol...Rachel looks confused! =)

Brice_J 2458 days ago


LaurenJoy11 2458 days ago

wow, it would take me a week to decide! ;)

_kirkir_ 2458 days ago jealous always wanted 2 go there

zig2obrian2 2458 days ago

Haha. Nice huge menu! That's funny!

vamp124 2458 days ago

Wow would take you all day to read

carlene_ash 2458 days ago

SO JEALOUS!I want to go to Serendipity so bad!I heard the frozen hot chocolates are delicious!

EMallwein 2458 days ago

serendipty is the BEST place on the planet..get a frozen hot good:)

GeannaRichman 2458 days ago

Wow that's huge!do they have like a million items to chose from?

janetmclark 2458 days ago

cool menu

aduong356 2458 days ago

definetly Rachel lol =]

camlawnman 2458 days ago

holy cow did you get a giant crayon and a pic to color to lol

miss_amanda13 2458 days ago

wow those r huge!!

brewers_rule 2458 days ago

Did it come w/a giant numbered granny calculator to figure out the bill?

adammobley 2458 days ago

you & rachel are amazing, i met her in atl wish i could've met you :-)

SmileyGirl110 2458 days ago

LOL That's huge...........Wow..........They must have spent HOURS making that! LOL

withadream 2458 days ago

AAHH!!! Rachel's face is priceless!