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Mr. Selfridge Second Season coming 2014

getting serious with the paintball gun

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1910 days ago

getting serious with the paintball gun


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Zavannahi 1202 days ago

might be my favorite episode :)

rashmi_06 1657 days ago

Planning to attack all....? Be calm....

Ana_Baldan 1817 days ago

love paintball

francespascua 1887 days ago

i love when he calls Davies' name! It's almost as if Ari is hunting Davies' for prey. And when Ari shoots Davies, he laughs all manic & evil! AWESOME MOMENT. I replay it all the time!

mg65 1898 days ago

that was my favorite scence

JadeNicole10 1902 days ago

I loved that part

ni_k 1903 days ago

sooo funny

Shylock_jt 1906 days ago

the funny scene of this season

jenniferlpratt 1906 days ago

Was TOO Funny! You definately steal the show..

JamaicanIdler 1906 days ago

lmao this was my favourite scene of the entire episode!! ARI GOLD FTW! Hilarious yo.

andspo 1906 days ago

this scene was genius, laugh out loud hilarious. best tv i've seen in years. thanks.

graziano146 1906 days ago

Superb ending!!! I need a gun like that to control my boyz.. anyone knows the brand of the gun(probably wouldnt be available in Netherlands, good excuse to travel to the US again:)

majicpie 1908 days ago

OMG - how I wish I could do that at my office without an assult charge! AWESOME season 6 finale!! classic!!

1nOnlyERS 1908 days ago

CLASSIC EPISODE... LOVED THIS SCENE and when Drama says "Sorry, He Jason Bourned me..." hahaha

TalarT 1909 days ago

i luv how u went postal 4 Loyd lol :)

SpiceTDJ 1909 days ago

That shit was FUNNY :D hell yea!!! Don't we all wish we could do that :D

davidmb17 1909 days ago

I have that same gun

Jessika88 1909 days ago

Absolutley the BEST Ari Gold moment...I almost peed my pants. I am in love

Xxj3nN_j3nNxX 1909 days ago

This was the best part of the season finale!! I could not stop laughing! You're the whole reason I watch it! Amazing!

ajhowardfuentes 1909 days ago

Could you please tell me the model of this gun, I would love to purchase this