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This is what happens when Ro and I text in Tagalog

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2460 days ago

This is what happens when Ro and I text in Tagalog


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CessieAustria 2136 days ago

ha ha ha! this is funny! :p

Cliff_the_nerd 2267 days ago

hahaha so awesome!! yes! banana! i like banana!

SuccumbToNumb 2357 days ago

Ha ha ha!!! This just made my day.

AYNonymous 2395 days ago

hahaha..cool..knowing that you can understand Tagalog..i like you even better...nice

weezaah 2432 days ago

haha omg no way! may alam ka pala na tagalog! this is insane :))

Deltron2929 2453 days ago

wow, that's pretty awesome haha

fullocorn 2453 days ago

WAHAHA. Galing. :>
To those who don't understand: >Hey Den, You want my Banana? >Yes! Banana! I want Banana! >Oi! You Pervert! >ha ha ha ha!

OfficialDoubleR 2455 days ago

No way!!? Comment ca ka?

xheteroheroin 2457 days ago

WOOOOAH :> Nice one Kat! :D

miguellaasana 2457 days ago

Haha! nice one! ;)

trexology 2457 days ago


angeleenekay 2458 days ago

Ro is a good Tagalog teacher. Good job Kat nyahaha!

drivingmicrazy 2458 days ago

I think the better phrase would be "Hoy! Ang bastos mo ha! ... masarap nga ang saging :)

ekabooom 2458 days ago

cool ..how do you know Tagalog? so cool..Banana.:))

carlywedding 2459 days ago

AT&T is terrible.

glassphxie 2459 days ago

wow..thats awesome you know the language, lol..now i feel like a shame to my filipino heritage (even though i'm only half) - can't speak tagalog!

marielleXD 2459 days ago

why are do you know how to speak tagalog? i'm filipino, so i KNOW what you're talking about. HAHA. :)

JennieJoPlaton 2459 days ago


geenz77 2459 days ago

You guys are hilarious!! That's soo cool you know tagalog!! funny ass texts me and my friends send each other also!! LOL

findingtrixie 2459 days ago

wow! that is awesome! Filipino pride! :D