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2244 days ago


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Velvex 2201 days ago

I thought that thing in the top corner was a sock at first xD

Poptartman234 2225 days ago

okay... ~runs away and hides~ ITS ALIVE!

LastArabian 2240 days ago

Yum!!!!! Reminds me of the quest of DF When you defeated the Titan it landed on the bakery XD

Lady_Adella 2241 days ago

Num nums! Looks good Cysero!

SkylineSV 2242 days ago

Nice... braided bread. :D
U like baking cysero?

BeleenAE 2243 days ago

OMG complex carbs!

margoae 2243 days ago

probably the glaze that makes it look plastic-y. but look good! nyom

Walker_of_Death 2243 days ago

It seems to be made of plastic. Probably just the light.

Krev_Production 2243 days ago

O.O yum gratz cysero

Charlie_Pope 2244 days ago

oh! or send me a recipe! ^_^ that'd be fun to do

Charlie_Pope 2244 days ago

send some my way please? =D that looks quite delicious!

BurstGB 2244 days ago

i can has some now

0neRebel 2244 days ago

Agreed, Drew >:3

DrewDudez 2244 days ago

If you don't share that one day karma will get you when you want something nice in the future. =p

Nautobleach 2244 days ago

those look really good

0neRebel 2244 days ago

That looks really good OwO +loves food+

Eonaleth 2244 days ago

You know you should market your bake goods. I would buy them if you sold them.

Rolith_AE 2244 days ago

Good luck with that I can't get him to bring them to the Lab to share... :(

GhostieAE 2244 days ago

Oo I'm going to have to get you to start mailing some of this up to Canada...

Jet1991 2244 days ago

can you tell how you made it?