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On route to Manchester, drafting speech for party conference tomorrow

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1813 days ago

On route to Manchester, drafting speech for party conference tomorrow


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Spikeybaby 1808 days ago

That is BA First Class seat 5A, ad yes I am sure 'cos I maintain them

paulwebster 1808 days ago

Was the cabin door closed ... looks like it was taken at 2009/09/12 17:25:16 via a Blackberry 8900 - on the way to New York?

Helzbels 1810 days ago

Don't be too hard on Oxford-educated Guto Harri,Daydreamingmel, English isn't his first language. French is probably his fourth, behind Spin.

gareth_clark 1810 days ago

n1david - that is BA F, and it was onboard BA0182 on 15th Sept. I was on the same flight but slumming it in Club.

n1david 1811 days ago

That's not BA First Class. All BA F seats are either next to a window with a ledge beside them, or attached to another F seat. I agree, the walnut looks similar, but it isn't BA First.

zootcadillac 1811 days ago

I could only ever get club Europe class LON-MAN when I flew so that must be a long haul from abroad?

daydreamingmel 1811 days ago

It's "en route". Otherwise say "on the way". Oh - and hello, carbon footprint?

steve_way 1811 days ago

er, that's a BA First Class cabin. To Manchester? How the other half live...

prnorth 1811 days ago

That's not a train

freeguard 1813 days ago

Make it a good one, and stop Blair from becoming Euro President

GOLDANNE 1813 days ago

thats good!!

BorisWatch 1813 days ago

What form of transport is that, precisely? Coach? Private jet? Fake Routemaster?

persephone007 1813 days ago

Yes!! You will be the one sane voice of reason amidst the swirling sea of mountebanks speaking. Good luck!

Vocal_Queen 1813 days ago

Have a great conference.....currently watching your cameo on Eastenders. And the Oscar goes to?

changejohnny 1813 days ago

Surprised not to see a strategically placed copy of The Sun in your pic...afterall they're backing you boys now huh?!

Northern_Eagle 1813 days ago

YES! Can't wait to see you up here!!! Go Boris!
Admittedly you haven't really got a difficult job to beat the Labour speeches

Oswald_Peters 1813 days ago

Well for heavens sakes, Boris, atleast make it better than the Labour crap. Much better if possible. Did I mention that includes giving me a personal tax break?