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3029 days ago


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wtfdaily 2354 days ago

So funny. I agree completely!
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FLYRESISTANCE 2529 days ago

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jacobcgreene 2996 days ago

Finally some truth on the news lol

Mixty 3020 days ago

LOL funny stuff

orbitaldiamonds 3028 days ago

Ha! The first and thirds were losers BEFORE the election. :)

chrispaik 3028 days ago

Trickle Down Fan is another way to say someone who supports Reaganomics, which among other things, advocated the belief that by helping out the rich, that extra money would "trickle down" to the middle-class and lower-class. (A millionaire store owner get

fukue 3028 days ago

a trickle down fan is a supporter of supply side economics

rufusjsquirrel 3029 days ago

You really suck at the internet, brundle_fly.

tjstankus 3029 days ago

I saw Trickle Down play a couple years ago in a small bar. They sucked.

brundle_fly 3029 days ago

who the hell is a trickle down fan?