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When I die I wanna go like my grandfather,peacefully in my sleep,not screaming like the other three passengers in his car.

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Who says everyone in Louisiana doesn't own an alligator!?

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1810 days ago

Who says everyone in Louisiana doesn't own an alligator!?


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Kara_walnes 1686 days ago

It's so cute

DeanBean009 1809 days ago

Awww, that is so cute - is it small or is it just the angle the pic was taken at?

Mari_kela_s 1810 days ago

You wanna say this is yours?? It must be fun taking care of it..:))

PetiteRach 1810 days ago

you own an alligator...rather you than me! This one does look rather big is he?

Waisted_Jamie 1810 days ago

What's it's name? What do you feed it? What tricks did you teach it? Does it get along with other pets? Is it your next pair of boots?

Deanie_24 1810 days ago

I patted a salt water crocodile once... on hols in Darwin! Surprising how warm he was!

jode_ster 1810 days ago

At least it's not an Australian Crocodile....they grow, and grow, and.....GROW! He a cutie. :)

DaysofSJ 1810 days ago

I feel so boring having a dog!

Yaya_Artist 1810 days ago

Wow! How big will it grow?

AyahuascaDreams 1810 days ago

That is such an awesome creature! what does it eat? Ok, you get props!

Kellsx90 1810 days ago

He looks cute! aww.

dixiesattic 1810 days ago

Isnt she a bloody beaut, that is cool. I love snakes can't say I ever had an alligator.

myownphobia 1810 days ago

Awww, he's cute! :)

Ashley_6277 1810 days ago

You own an Alligator...Awesome!