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CherryBomb_xox 2245 days ago


marziaferra 2245 days ago

oh my god...the make up is more realistic....fantastic!!! :)

OMyEdwardCullen 2246 days ago

Woah! i've been wondering what this would look like, but i pictured her more scarred...

sivanwe 2246 days ago

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!The make up is stunning!!!!

missrobyn 2246 days ago

I'm happy to see the scars. It looks great!

rchlnclla 2246 days ago

Wow, she's a very striking lady, even with the scars.

aRaverRTs_ 2247 days ago

i guess i learn to like it

dazzled01218 2247 days ago

wow! thats crazy good. but it actually kinda got me all misty-eyed.. lol

penguinqtlover 2247 days ago

i think she looks pretty good. probably could have scared her up a little more but then her pretty face would have been ruined

teampaul_05 2247 days ago

the makeup is better then i though lol thanx chris!!!! :)

renesmee13 2247 days ago looks good but its not how I invisioned it.

NoBoldVillain 2247 days ago

freeking awesome...

snow33 2247 days ago

whoa. they look so real.. i cant wait till the movie comes out :)

seabeacon8 2247 days ago

It's realistic looking enough, but in the book it says that "One line pulled down the corner of her[...]eye, another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace" (p.331). I would say they missed the boat on that.

TwiKnight1129 2247 days ago

wow they really shocked us i mean we all had a picture of what we thought they would be its freaking cool

_NeonAngel_ 2247 days ago


NiallOfficial1D 2247 days ago

whoa! leaves me goosebumps on my arms...

girlofsecretwit 2247 days ago

O.O Just O.O Thank you Chris!

JessJWolf 2247 days ago

the scars don't really make me think she was attacked by any kind of large animal but it soes look awsome!!!!

KatJeffs 2247 days ago

wow its a great job! we finally get to see the scars! cant wait for the film!