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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1792 days ago


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guanoman 1792 days ago

wow. dr strange had that costume for about five minutes in the 1970s. clearly they thought it'd be a keeper.

Bowzir 1792 days ago

And another thing, what son of Satan carries a yellow fork! Methinks this one move on to playing piano with his 3 mates.

Bowzir 1792 days ago

As sons of Satan go this he's a bit tame looking. Note to Satan, "must do better"

barryhutchison 1792 days ago

Can't tell if Son of Satan has serious spinal injuries, or if he's simply come up with a unique way to carry a trombone.

paulbestall 1792 days ago

Now they are some cool toys. Was son of Satan Damion Hellstrom?? Didn't he marry Hellcat??

flintsteel 1792 days ago

Who played Dr. Strange in the early 80's film ? My mind wants to say Timothy Dalton, but I know that's not right... Due for a remake me thinks. Who would be a good 21st Century actor to play him ?

SeanThomasBurns 1792 days ago

They seem to have made Kurt Wagner by mistake

AndrewGuppy 1792 days ago

Son of Satan just looks like an action man in drag

VesselinaTP 1792 days ago

Oh my ... must help someone to respire after seeing you & the family are well...

Julirose 1792 days ago

I see the son of satan plays (American) football when he isn't out doing whatever it is he does!