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*pic message via Beleen's cell phone*

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1913 days ago

*pic message via Beleen's cell phone*


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Luiz__Gabriel 1827 days ago

One of my favorite web/game designers on the world speaks one of my favorite languages all over the world.
:D,i'm on the right way.

kururu999 1852 days ago

nice i wish i could write and speek japanese>.

Lady_Adella 1906 days ago

That's so cool! Can I has my name in Japanese? Pweeze! (don't mind me; I'm just being a player.)

Flame80010 1909 days ago

Cute Pic Beleen :D

BeleenAE 1909 days ago

Yep, I can read, write, and speak in Japanese!

SkylineSV 1912 days ago

whaos... Nice. Can you really write Japanese (or is that Japanese)?

Commander_Doom 1912 days ago

we will save you, just tell us where u are...and we will and the others.

ChaoticBishopp 1913 days ago

We'll save you Beleen! D:

phantomangel1 1913 days ago

oh NOOOOOOOs we will find you i hope

kinzvlle 1913 days ago

a mesge by hear chinese wood phone oh bad reauptin wait trace the call

Nautobleach 1913 days ago

noo now beleen :O who's next? galanoth? zhoom? j6?

aqwbobert 1913 days ago

u bi gr it is its IT (dont no wat that isit a killer clown)

Sam_Wicks 1913 days ago

what is "it" anyways i'm still scared!

Slashuur 1913 days ago

Okay, we gotta /join battleunderb and watch for them there...

Sam_Wicks 1913 days ago

what if ALL the staff go missing! will it go after us normal players next? I'M SCARED!!!

RazEvangalion 1913 days ago

actually, linkuaqworlds, i think it's more along the lines of: "someone ahhh heeeeelllp reception.... baaad..

something like that yea

TheOnlyDEnM 1913 days ago


LinkuSL 1913 days ago

eee aaaahhhhhhhhhh help re cep bad

Best_Bud_Mud 1913 days ago

I get a bad feeling ai no miko is next..O_o

ZyrainVX 1913 days ago

Bad Reception?