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OH NOES! Cysero has gone missing! (yes, I made this picture)

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2625 days ago

OH NOES! Cysero has gone missing! (yes, I made this picture)


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Joshua_Turner_ 2620 days ago

I Smell AQW Office-Underground Trading Cards. I Want A 7* Saojun. Will Trade For 8* Galanoth.

AQWUser 2623 days ago

actually you can see cysero eyes in the cutscene with the mages when they were moving Battleon

Slashuur 2624 days ago

this is a really bad fake, because cysero has no eyes xD

BurstGB 2624 days ago

i got the mesagee on mine

pmk138_AQW 2624 days ago

Beleen i give u +30 Self Esteem boost. IDC if this wasnt made in flash or not. It's really(x30) good.

ShadowAE 2625 days ago

He's stuck in the secret room at his clubhouse :/

deathscytex 2625 days ago

Yulgars Bathroom.

kinzvlle 2625 days ago

oh artix add on moglenberry fram milk and cysero add on eyephone

Sam_Wicks 2625 days ago

he went home? anybody check there? there is a lot of home to check but check anyway.

Eonaleth 2625 days ago

Nice work, can we have them?

CyanAsif 2625 days ago

Hey went missing oh nooo i hope he didny go after Artix and also how did you make this one i am not filmiliar with that kinda of Art

Best_Bud_Mud 2625 days ago

LOL nice 'EYE' phone XD

TheOnlyDEnM 2625 days ago


Anastaysiya 2625 days ago

I would call it a Mad universe. Parallel with Artix still works fine.

Anastaysiya 2625 days ago

He went Mad and went into the Mad universe!

RazEvangalion 2625 days ago

haha, eyePhone =p
looks good, especially the shading =)

now where could a mad weaponsmith have gone off to? hmm....

DatIbby 2625 days ago

Very nice EYEphone beleen

LinkuSL 2625 days ago

this is awesome!

LinkuSL 2625 days ago

how do you make pictures like this?

ZyrainVX 2625 days ago