Dana White



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2467 days ago


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tywilliams08 2435 days ago

hey dana come 2 glasgow so i can get a pic 2 put on twitter

MOLOVEUFC 2435 days ago

MMMM -- My 2 "dirty little secret-crushes" together in 1 pic!! How can I get this made into a poster?!?!?!? : )

BillWomer 2459 days ago

lol @ all the comments about Mike's arm. his arm is under Dana's and the chair behind him just happens to be the same tone as his skin. took a while to see it tho.

hongirl 2466 days ago

Ahhh!!! It's the chair!!! It just dawned on me.

atuor 2466 days ago

Who's hand is on Dana's right shoulder?? Weird pic! Mike Rowe looks like he just woke up.

justinufc 2466 days ago

lol never new that. and dana can u send me a direct message man is that is cool pls

mikeroweworks 2466 days ago

No photoshop here... and no, no extra poundage or wooden arm either. There DOES appear to be a ghost hand however. Then again, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab - all makes sense, huh?

yammyracer 2466 days ago

are u guys stupid that is mikes hand on danas should he has it wrapped around danas arm, and the "wooden" arm is the backround lol

OllyGoddard 2466 days ago

Notice a ghost has his hand on Dana's left chest...

luckyladi 2467 days ago

Dana, Y does Mike's arm look like a piece of WOOD? And what is up with his sleeve? Have fun in Phoenix! :) U should come to Tucson sometime!

SirRumbly 2467 days ago

If you look closely you can see that is Mikes arm on Dana's shoulder. Is it me or does it look like Mike put on a few pounds since his Dirty Jobs show.

ttcmike 2467 days ago

Deadliest Catch voice also..My question is whos hand is that on your shoulder Dana? Mike's left hand is at his side...

dee_los2 2467 days ago

I heard you are goinh to hand out tickets for machida shogun in LA..im wondering where?

forrestfrazier 2467 days ago

that looks like a bad photoshop job.

Letheda 2467 days ago

Have been a huge Mike Rowe fan since the beginning of Dirty Jobs! He's perfect for the voice of The Ultimate Fighter!

Courtneyc84 2467 days ago

Now I have a face! lol

billsey420 2467 days ago

should have asked about the cat in the bag he tried to sell on the home shopping network

Jayswizzle82 2467 days ago

Hey! Its Mike & Dana, thats awesome! Love both these shows!

MMAQuotes 2467 days ago

Mike Rowe is awesome

jlpcameron 2467 days ago

I would know that voice anywhere...LOVE Dirty Jobs!