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If you haven't seen Sasha Vujacic's new hairstyle...

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2465 days ago

If you haven't seen Sasha Vujacic's new hairstyle...


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misdaisy 2459 days ago

handsome, but I loved the long hair ;)

paolaacarolinaa 2463 days ago

he dosen't look that bad, its just hard to get used to :(

diirtyconverse 2463 days ago

this makes me upset, because it means no more of Sasha's headbands.

LakerLover26 2463 days ago

Sasha! Man, I can't believe you cut your hair off! Can't decide if I like it not..To be honest dont' really care as long as you keep shooting threes! PRACTICE!

dancingdebbie18 2464 days ago

OMG!!! He actually cut his hair!!!! I loved his long hair but I love him more now!!!!

GVD18 2465 days ago

just like in his rookie days... i hope to see some 3's this season

JadeWalker5 2465 days ago

Aww....I'm so gonna miss the long haired headband Sasha. I'm a little heartbroken right now, hopefully it grows back fast.

reallyvillie 2465 days ago

NOOOOOOOO ]: That just broke my heart.

pleps1 2465 days ago

LMFAO! That's it, Sashita's gettin NO respect from the refs if he keeps this stilo

Operative7 2465 days ago

Uh ahahahahahahahah Ok not baggin, but it looks like he just woke up!!! I would cut it real low, and rock LAMB CHOPS!!!! That how u do it!!!!

chopshopgus 2465 days ago

Im so glad that he cut that mop off his dome. The MACHINE needed a tune-up

glory_g 2465 days ago

much better!!!

zurirvin 2465 days ago

sasha looks like a rookie again

bynumlover 2465 days ago

MUCH better! Smooches Sasha!

hzee32 2465 days ago

Oh no...no more swinging hair as he runs up and down the court :-(

Wicked_1 2465 days ago

Nooo, he cute his hair. Probably becuz it was summer. Hopefully he'll grow it back. Maybe it will help get those shots down

alexramos_23 2465 days ago

wow he looks so handsome and younger! i love it! now i can't wait to see him when the Lakers play here October 15th! :D

Sibry 2465 days ago

Haha he looks much better with long hair. It'll grow back out throughout the season. Unless he cuts it again lol.

jackyyboo 2465 days ago

omg my baby cut his hair cute but still prefer his long hair.

lakerck 2465 days ago

It's almost like young Shasha style. From when he first started