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Here are the gloves...

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2430 days ago

Here are the gloves...


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shayshay36853 2241 days ago

I loved the day i first seen the NFL players with those on, so did my whole family especially my aunt who won her battle with breast cancer.

Ratmrokr90 2248 days ago

baseball players wear pink wristbands, and have pink bats, u can rock these. For fathers day they have the baby blue bats and wristbands, u think baby blue cleats and gloves would look funny too.

veronicaalexis 2386 days ago

How sexy

FLY_aXX_SqUAre 2401 days ago

yea those gloves go!

parache 2405 days ago

i want these...

iLOVEfashion90 2407 days ago

yu better wear them & the cleats lol and throw in some pink sweatbands haha

meganbonner 2414 days ago

there peng jheeze there awesome

SylJayKay 2416 days ago

These too! Come game and a great cause. People look up to you and when they see you supporting something as important as breast cancer awareness they'll look up to you even more! I think the shoes and gloves are an awesome idea!!

katrice_houston 2421 days ago

Now the gloves look like you are about to go car racing or something. Try the wristbands they offer instead. I wouldn't trust those things for catching even a baseball.

_MissChina 2422 days ago

thee gloves are tuff ; those yu can deff rock. but them sneakers ; dont do it mann Lol

mzpink101 2423 days ago

they ok i guess

JJCalcu 2423 days ago

Black and Red: Niceeeeeee Gloves!!!

bbreeze22 2427 days ago

those are pretty sweet. do it!

MANYBLESSINGS4U 2428 days ago

It's for a good cause so you should wear them.

YungMall619 2428 days ago

Hey jus Don't throw those in Ya Back Pocket and Walk around SouthEast wit them in ya Pocket! Lmao frame them and say u did a Good thing!

jaseinfeld 2428 days ago

def wear them.....if the baseball guys use the pink bats, pink gloves are just as good

ifunkuphunk 2428 days ago

pick the black and pink one, its just for one game. I'll be hoping that people watch for the play and not for ur outfit

TessaP07 2428 days ago

yeahhh deff wear the glovess, soo cute!

LaurenElyse34 2428 days ago

Wear them proudly. We appreciate you for doing it!

berenguc 2428 days ago

wearem man.. it would look good on your hand.. tear apart that jets D!!