Brad Paisley


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

What can I say.I was young.I needed the money.

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2008 days ago

What can I say.I was young.I needed the money.


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NikkiMcIntosh 1940 days ago


Staynergirl 1978 days ago

Oh, I could just pinch those cheeks!!!! ;-) Whatta babe!

HighSpeedMag 1978 days ago

Oh wow... how cute a naked Brad Paisley! Young and needed the money... Hilarious!

kayrohde 1978 days ago

What a mischevious smile! Must be the chenille bedspread...

vickster303071 1992 days ago

How funny!! You were a cute baby! :)

bobbisoxd 2003 days ago

Aren't you just a cutie patootie.... AWE....

tonninonni 2003 days ago

aaawww you are so darn cute!!!!

tonninonni 2003 days ago

You are so darn cute!!!!!!!

AshleyMichele07 2004 days ago


disbell619 2004 days ago

You still have that same smile! Your mama loves you!!! Have a great night in San Diego tonight. You give the best concerts ever! Wish I could have been there tonight. My thoughts are with you!!!

CamilleFuston 2004 days ago

Brad, you were so cute!!! Hahahahah! This totally wasn't what I was expecting.

danielstansfald 2005 days ago

LOL well, now I'm wonderin' how would be this same pictures a few years latter !!!

2lazylabs 2005 days ago

Who knew you had such a dark and sordid past?! My image of you is shattered. PS nice butt:)

pugtona500 2006 days ago

OMG that's cute! Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember chenille bedspreads and those phones!

jamasia75 2006 days ago

The cutest little baby butt ever! The boys really look like their daddy!

vkroberts 2006 days ago

too cute!

Belle_Zana 2006 days ago

Lol, Brad you are too cute and funny! Love you and the music, keep rockin!!!

MrsOfficer89 2006 days ago

This picture is adorable. I just wanted to say that my fiance and I are huge fans, our first date was to your concert in Owensboro, Ky at the Executive Inn and now we are getting married and our first song we are dancing to as husband and wife is "Then".

MaryK61 2006 days ago

A little cheeky, eh?

mittensgizmo101 2006 days ago

LOL never know when your going to need money. This is hilarious Brad!