I play tennis. :-)

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2623 days ago


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DanielaEncines 2500 days ago

OOOOHH!!!!... Andy your so Funny!

Michael_Pettus 2608 days ago

Im actually going to go on a limb here, please don't tell me you parked as far away from the place you were going. Just so no one would even come close to hitting yours!

carpediembeekay 2613 days ago

Well, if it's on the line it's in. ;)

sammybrig13 2620 days ago

maybeeee you should have taken the time to fix it instead of taking the time to stop, take a picture and tweet about it lol

BonyoO 2621 days ago

G A Y friends Jim Courier is here! A-hole sex party!

BonyoO 2621 days ago

Love an ass hole sex just like this...... good luck man..

selam_RF 2621 days ago

is there anything you can do lmao

Pimbleppy 2621 days ago

Andy, you publically told you don't want have kids with the wife, that's good!!! But whoever the kid's mother.....your kids won't see you playing young. sad

Pimbleppy 2621 days ago

at Wimbledon final Andy screwed up!!! lol!!!

Pimbleppy 2621 days ago

This is like.....the volley you made in the 2nd set tiebreak!!!!!

Hippogyn 2621 days ago

OUT! Love -15, Mr Roddick!

sspang 2622 days ago

HAH! - and i thought i was bad .. =L

WynterGyrl 2622 days ago

Oh Andy. That's a mess. lol

rraalcharinge 2622 days ago

Andy, are you fucked up the Lexus deals? You know what, WELL DOnE!!! I NEVER liked TOYOTA, FUCKING TOYOTA!!!

rraalcharinge 2622 days ago

No good

rraalcharinge 2622 days ago

Lexus are skunks!!! Good car Escalade, Andy

Emerald_Lies 2622 days ago

Even I can't park that badly...and i'm terrible!

ClaySeason 2622 days ago

Incredible, you're almost worse than me at parking, lol

rraalPanda 2622 days ago

Ditch Lexus!!! They are recalling LOL

rraalPanda 2622 days ago

ASS HOLE Ditches Lexus!!! oh my