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Just walked by this sad lil guy. Aww!

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2700 days ago

Just walked by this sad lil guy. Aww!


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scarymazes 2699 days ago

Perhaps you're just looking at him wrong...walk around to the other side and he's just a guy with a large pair of glasses, a unibrow and a sheepish smile...he's probably just unnerved by the celebrity passerby, perhaps?

Lalapisani 2700 days ago


uvebeenchucked 2700 days ago

You should have turned his frown upside down.

lifeisadream89 2700 days ago

Aww it looks sad :(

drumminglizards 2700 days ago

And you didn't pick him up and give him a good home...?!?! I could only hope you wouldn't just walk by my sad face :(

JeSuisR 2700 days ago

aww you broke his glasses, you better replace it. meanie! :(

cynthialamm 2700 days ago

awwww :)

__btts__ 2700 days ago

He has one eye bigger than other!!, haha..Poor guy!, do you know why was he sad?? :P

finster23 2700 days ago

He's winking while looking up your skirt.

suazoe 2700 days ago

It has the case of the Mondays :-(

MIKocwin 2700 days ago

photoshopped! wait, no, thats retarded

sourire_amour 2700 days ago


VirtueB 2700 days ago

well, looks like someone needs a hug... wait a second, is that a cigarette in hand?

OMGitsgaygreg 2700 days ago

Aww I just wanna give him a kiss on the cheek....

soy_jesse 2700 days ago

Looks like some one punched him in the right eye...

Erica_Barnes 2700 days ago

thats awesome!!