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Man this is so cool, Jerry World is better than Mase Harlem World

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1859 days ago

Man this is so cool, Jerry World is better than Mase Harlem World


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daverage83 1857 days ago

The damn screen makes that more intimidating than the player!

kevine214 1858 days ago

Everthing is big in TEXAS !

Supermanmatt021 1858 days ago

lol yea i dont think you will have a problem getting 85 from the long snapper

FatShawn 1859 days ago

YOU KNOW YOU COULD BE ON THERE EVERY SUNDAY ... You just need to talk to jerry and it can happen next year !!!!!!! "cuz we need a number 1 WR & we know you are the man... think about it !!!!!!!!!! i rock the shit out of my 85 jersey right now and im a c

JudyMori 1859 days ago

Get yo pretty self up on the big screen, streak across centre field.

chrisholler 1859 days ago


Achecity 1859 days ago

I'm up in here too estben imagine being A HS kid playing here come make it your home homie u look good with that star on you helmet Shit!!! Kiss da Baby!

illmatic225 1859 days ago

Dallas stadium looks sick but harlem world is deff better than a big tv lol

KoolaidTheGreat 1859 days ago

That Tv Cost like 40 million dollars its the only one of its kind

dagoat77 1859 days ago

Be careful, big brother (the nfl) might try to fine you for tweeting during a game.

camsiegmeier 1859 days ago

jerry world is most definitely not better than harlem world.

MattUribe 1859 days ago

That's one of thos Fathead stickers. ;)

ryanacra 1859 days ago

Better even than Paul Brown?! I won't believe it.

BIGxTRE 1859 days ago

Im bout to become a dallas fan! SYKE! Dat shit rye der tho is krazy!

MeetMyNina 1859 days ago

Let's Get It my BOYS!!!!

PatDrum 1859 days ago

is that all there is to the stadium a big tv.

BRIANCMERRITT 1859 days ago

Yeah too bad they suck!

scoleogem 1859 days ago

We ain't playin when we say everything is bigger in TEXAS!! From our football stadiums to our shopping malls...

mon99cau 1859 days ago

Mase wishes his world wuz betr than Jerry's..

Mr2Good2Go 1859 days ago

imagine playin madden on that shit!! wooo...Im In!!