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I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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2036 days ago


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jhdeleon 2020 days ago

You're right, not even that happy face looks that happy! Maybe because plastic bags are on the way out because they are not "that" green and the face knows it! How sad. Get Better soon!

sydneyblueside 2032 days ago

Haha. Cute.

TrackguyRH 2034 days ago

that is a pretty weak smile!

LocustNation 2034 days ago

I see... "meh"

saltnlight2day 2035 days ago

This is ACORN's expressing thanks to You Rachel... BTW, could those employed on the video have been plants to bring down ACORN since the Photographer knew just where to go find them...? And none of the videos that showed workers who did not participate we

MissQuasiabernt 2035 days ago

i notice your bag instructs you to return it?
even inanimate objects show empathy!

NihilTaco 2035 days ago

Wow! Hate those days!

nothinbettah2do 2035 days ago

You too Rachel!!

echro 2035 days ago

Actually, since I'm a "glass half-empty" kind of girl, that's about as good a day as I can ever have! :|

Buffalowing 2035 days ago

That looks like my cousin Andy.

RLS6 2035 days ago

Walmart's lawyers would sue them for trademark infringement if the smile had an arc of more than 90 radians.

xabixnaq 2035 days ago

Thrift store complacent "happy face?". Why not recycle your own bag. I live in Guatemala and received you podcast. Good pace, cogent analysis, respectful when contentious and funny!

okenter 2035 days ago

The longer I stare, the less happy and more obligatory the smile becomes....

xabixnaq 2036 days ago

I hate "funny faces". Thisone looks complacent. Carry your own bag. Reuse our resources. You're good. You are really good!

carson_faily 2036 days ago

hahahah. That's great.

dallasa 2036 days ago

Looks like my kind of cuisine. Yay for take-out!

Rose828 2036 days ago

Rachel, where has keith been?? whats the real story with him?? not that you will tell me :) If you were not on T.V. at night, I would lose my mind.. don't ever go away!!

earthychic 2036 days ago

Have a nice day or...whatever...go away, now.

homerwoowhoodoh 2036 days ago

Looks like a Republican Congressman forced to smile as the economy improves!

Okiboi 2036 days ago

Say, "You are welcome," and the smiley changes.