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sydneywild 2878 days ago

No love from you. I even wrote you a poem. I know you are a busy man in so many ways. Have a terrific weekend. SW

She____ 2881 days ago


elecarter 2881 days ago

Fulfil somenthing you are able to fufil rather than run after what you will never achieve. Perfection is an illusion. Jung

elecarter 2881 days ago

Human reality is made up of a thousand vulgarities. Jung

elecarter 2881 days ago

Just come back from voting. Waiting anxiously to results... or Obama or Canada.

obama_pro_world 2881 days ago

Very good man.But the rats Breasts took me out

jeanderby 2882 days ago

i believe that you have a wee bit too much time on your hands dave.
you are an interesting one.

Riccardo73 2882 days ago


DavesJoyfulGirl 2882 days ago

You make me laugh and that is a good thing!

PatricioMujica 2883 days ago


theherbalist 2883 days ago

she's a lucky girl ~ here you go...towel for your forehead. You really want to shine.

Girl__ 2883 days ago

Rats drink milk ? lol

annieluvsdmb 2883 days ago

WOW! As an artist, this one just kills me to death...Bad looking man with bad intentions. The eyeglasses scare the crap out of me.... BOO!

nandaaa 2883 days ago

you really wrote my nickname? now i can rest in peace! hahaha

nandaaa 2883 days ago

that's much better! ;]

Smittay 2883 days ago

we carved your head last night :)

177ya 2883 days ago

cut and paste

teanne 2883 days ago

you know the Pearl Jam album "No Code" (among other albums) well these pics remind me of the pics on that album. I love Pearl Jam and I love dMb so they're f*ckin cool in my book!

Marmalade_Skies 2883 days ago

Ohhh sexy.. haha

gemstwin 2883 days ago

He's strangely cute.