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d_kla 2525 days ago

Doesn't mean anything is one of best songs ever!!!

Unsaba 2565 days ago

O amor é como um raio galopando em desafio
Abre fendas cobre vales, revolta as águas dos rios
Quem tentar seguir seu rastro se perderá no caminho
Na pureza de um limão ou na solidão do espinho

iPodMeansMyLife 2571 days ago

i love that video!!! "and it doesnt mean anything... now that ur gone"

9Samatar 2591 days ago

video was great, when you walked through the window~AMAZING

kieeeeera 2614 days ago

that is for your song dosnt mean anything t is my fav song!

Ros3srGr33n 2618 days ago

OO i rememba dat vid wow!!

ZigTheFootKing 2634 days ago

I love this song!!!

Fredweazy 2637 days ago

Hey are you playin Nentendo WII??

KissDisHot1 2644 days ago

i like this i really like this so real

nancy_batch 2646 days ago

Sexy is so not the word! Sizzling hot is more like it!!!

misschocolated1 2648 days ago

I'll die of heart attack because of you!! You touch my feelins like... No One!!

YANKEYMCGEE009 2653 days ago


wardelldesign 2654 days ago

lookin good!

marcosvca_ 2655 days ago


Aarenthewriter 2661 days ago

Welcome to Popeyes, may i take your order? "Yes, I would like a 2 pc. meal plz. all thighs pleaseeeeeeee. yeah baby yeah! lol

catherines_gran 2663 days ago


catherines_gran 2663 days ago

"Doesn't Mean Anything," is such a beautiful song and you Ms. Keys are so beautiful inside and out, thank you for this song!

fatmagozde 2664 days ago

alicia if you aren't in the world what are listening?? hımm no no they aren't you... noene noone noone...

Fawkie 2665 days ago


The_CrystalKing 2666 days ago

all I see is a homewrecker and a green screen