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Should I eat this? I'm at lunch!

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2409 days ago

Should I eat this? I'm at lunch!


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dixiele 2399 days ago

It looks like crapomolie

mbyo 2399 days ago

only if you exercise your ass off the rest of the night

DonnaGlaser 2400 days ago

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run like the wind, Shannon!

Mysterious_Girl 2400 days ago

I'm not even going to ask

MesquitaSuelen 2400 days ago


bigon66 2409 days ago

ill eat for you !!!!!

cindymorrison 2409 days ago

Yum!!! It's a pop over. Like Yorkshire pudding, throw some gravy on it and it's amazing!

RaspberryFrosty 2409 days ago

Looks like clay...don't touch this.

Marikha 2409 days ago

I hope you skipped this and went straight to dessert.

AstralGhost 2409 days ago

Hey! If that's a new kind of "french bread", sign me up LOL :)

cassiejean60 2409 days ago

This looks like yorkshire pudding to me.

FrancescaMary_ 2409 days ago

What is it exactly?

maddkati 2409 days ago

it looks like a turd that looks like a dick =P

Hans_Brixx 2409 days ago

Only if you want to take a nap afterwards. Carb central...

akaHoLLyWooD 2409 days ago

It looks like a boxing glove ! Dig In !

Celtan 2409 days ago

If it's a Popover (Yorkshire Pudding) go ahead and eat it but it's better smothered in roast beef gravy, LOL ;-)

silvercitypink 2409 days ago

Is that the bread they bake in a clay flower pot? As I recall it tastes delicious, but it really depends on how your body reacts to carbs, if it uses it efficiently go for it!

chuckwickracing 2409 days ago

Oh wow! Not sure!

Thefeeg 2409 days ago

Eat it!!! I'd stab it if it moves.

SONOFSIMMONS 2409 days ago

if you have to ask then no don't eat may not enjoy your shopping after it.