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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2249 days ago


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skycherry 2152 days ago

You utter nutter, Wossy! LMAO!!!

GeorgeatClemmie 2215 days ago

adopt me!

PlanetYorkie 2218 days ago

ok i'm slow on de 'aul comments, but have ya heard ya can buy high chairs for your doggies with safety straps included, not that i let my dogs near the table, probably cuz we eat on the sofa ;-D

himartinhere 2218 days ago

Jonathan are you underneath the table begging for scraps?

unseen4 2232 days ago

I love that your dogs eat at the table! Hahaha, our dogs are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, but they're NOT allowed to eat at the table.

leemick50now 2242 days ago

wow soo koool

oXEddieXo 2245 days ago

If this pic was taken onboard of an oilplatform, we wud call this the "doghouse" ;-)

cstyles_arm 2245 days ago

My pet isn't quite so well behaved... twitter him, and he'll read it out live onthe internet!

frownbox 2246 days ago

Lunching with network execs again Jonathan?

princessnaima 2246 days ago

Oh is it one of these things that needs approving before displaying...mmm...mmmm...?????

princessnaima 2246 days ago

No fair where is my mast comment...I said Bon Appetit!!!

nxrob 2248 days ago

At least they haven't got their elbows on the table!

KelKelsabrina 2248 days ago

wot NO china bowls, thats just sloppy! Wine glasses too next time??

tonkatails 2249 days ago

I always tell my kids off for not using knives and forks and licking the bowls!

Mick62 2249 days ago

The dog on the left is quite clearly aroused for some reason - no mayo for me thank you ;)

Mick62 2249 days ago

The dog on the left is clearly aroused I can see his lip stick - no mayo for me thanks ;)

dubchiky 2249 days ago

That's just so cute :)

CrazyCGChick 2249 days ago

It's like Animal farm

gillipegs 2249 days ago

Is there room for another, my dog would love that.

princessnaima 2249 days ago

Bon Appetit!!!