Ghost AE


Spirited animator and coffee-inhaler guy.

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1746 days ago


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AlanzaDemonica 1632 days ago

Lol good one!

Robot_Tweets 1730 days ago


Joshua_Turner_ 1730 days ago

i so lold.

_Alethia 1743 days ago


ShadowAE 1746 days ago

Yes, it would appear you have beard in your armpit. Loles.

kinzvlle 1746 days ago


Trog_AK 1746 days ago


DrakkanMcBeardy 1746 days ago

ROFL... Beards... "Now with armpit action!" =P>

Brainfreez_AE 1746 days ago

LOL..... and a whoopie coushin

LinkuSL 1746 days ago

ah pity the fool

CandiAQW 1746 days ago

it be negro time

CyanAsif 1746 days ago

Weird.... I swear Mr. T wasn't a peasent.....

GhostieAE 1746 days ago

Hmm, it appears I have some of my beard in my armpit...

Allanbow 1746 days ago

I was there with him in that room :)

Sam_Wicks 1746 days ago

o.O AHA so thats how you make Mr T!

ZeoTheIceElf 1746 days ago

I was expecting Kanye West refrence.

"Hey yulgar, your cool and all, and im gonna let you finish, but Cyseros hammer is the best of all time!"