Shannon Tweed


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First twitpic test

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2494 days ago

First twitpic test


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IHeartxGabeT 2480 days ago

you're beautiful as always, you have such pretty kids, love Gene's laugh and aww at the puppy!

sodAdicta 2481 days ago

Nice picture...You are a beautiful family!

LauryAnnM 2482 days ago

What a great family photo! You look marvelous!

fesimoni 2482 days ago


mbyo 2483 days ago

love sophie's dress

toddroxx 2483 days ago

gene come to st. louis please!

DonnaGlaser 2484 days ago

This is a beautiful family shot! You and Gene make great looking kids!

lisacarolquinn 2485 days ago

Snippy does NOT look dead. Hasn't anyone seen a content dog before? Sometimes I wonder about people.It's a great photo Shannon & Gene!!

lisacarolquinn 2485 days ago

What a terrific looking family!!!!! lquinn51 including Snippy!

Tikifan1 2492 days ago

Photoshop some santa hats on everyone and maybe some antlers on Snippy and that would be the perfect holiday card.

SynysterKate16 2493 days ago

why does Snippy look dead?

SONOFSIMMONS 2493 days ago

who killed the dog

Stratoscar 2493 days ago

Beautiful Family......Forgive me Gene but I love Shannon Tweed FOREVER!!!!

Sapphire_Stone7 2493 days ago

beautiful family....aww look at snippy so sweet...Sophie is a gorgeous young lady just like her mom (I have a 16 yr old girl too)...and of course Nick is handsome like his dad...

rockincanegirl 2493 days ago


Sheranth 2493 days ago

Awesome photo! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

tgirl7567 2493 days ago

You guys look Hott nice Pic of the family!

lucyfidelis 2494 days ago

Very great photo! I really enjoy the TV Show =) Your family rules!

TDMOLINARI 2494 days ago

Love your show,wonderful family!!

browneyedcougar 2494 days ago

Everyone looks great.