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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2625 days ago


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love_violently 2590 days ago

aww she looks like a fairy ^.^

SaireBennetto 2622 days ago

My friend Luka calls those flowers "10 to 2's", because they "look like old people's hair" (the transparent-ness of the fluff is akin to older folks' hair)... :)

eirefanzone 2624 days ago

you going to do anymore hauntings shows Jane x

BoingUK 2625 days ago

You should sack the gardner before you lose them dogs

pinktank1 2625 days ago

Hello you do look lovely in the sun, & you spend money in a Gym when you could Mow the Lawn.

Libithina 2625 days ago

hi jane, bet you're thinkin' of blowing that dandelion clock .. stunning as ever great pic

shayl48 2625 days ago

Love JR, A true pro on screen and a dedicated, proud family man off screen. Love the pic!

LyndaKelly 2625 days ago

Bet your dogs LOVE that garden...loving Jane's hair as usual !!

missyming 2625 days ago

SWEET doggies!If u scattered some chopped up hot dogs/cheese around garden they wud LOVE sniffing out the treats & its great mental stimulation!

tailsy83 2625 days ago

Luna June I hope that was not a euphamism...... (I spelled that wrong didnt I?)

Kelly_Willows 2625 days ago

Great picture. I love how Jane's her hair looks there.

crisashcroft 2625 days ago

I could sort the garden out for you no bother. I could even plant it up so that the plants and flowers match Janes hair

automatic_jon 2625 days ago

Somehow I thought a Leica would have better image quality.

RobertNPowers 2625 days ago

Jolly.Jolly old England.Does the carpet match the drapes?

LunaJune 2625 days ago

I love that your garden is o'natural and not a manicured sad excuse for nature.. :) did she make a wish and blow the puff?

seabisquick 2625 days ago

A wild puppy garden. WANT.

ondineb 2625 days ago

What is a leica camera?

ondineb 2625 days ago

Beautiful picture, is that mr pickles in the background?

Jemtac 2625 days ago

you need to cut your grass

rods_007 2625 days ago

very inspiring photo!