Wil Wheaton


I'm just this guy, you know?

Seriously. He's just adorable.

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2324 days ago

Seriously. He's just adorable.


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PrincessHilary 2198 days ago

Aw, I love dogs.

justin2you 2230 days ago

HEY EVERYONE... Stay away from Wil's house. He has a dog that will eat your BONE OFF. [i could say more but this is a family channel]

sharteks 2323 days ago

!!! a black and white pit with a spot on his head...EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Who do I contact to adopt him???

goodwillwin 2323 days ago

I had no idea you could get them as plug-in hybrids! Strange place to put the cord though...

chrisfeyrer 2323 days ago

Where are the eyes? There's no eyes! Oh. Yeah. Adjust brightness..

bookwyrm86 2323 days ago

So, how long until you cave and decide he's coming home with you?

The_MaDSaM 2324 days ago

Snoopy? Did you see Charlie Brown? - Oh,... nevermind... *backing away slowly* ;)

Cassiejo451 2324 days ago

I don't know he still looks part jack russell to me. Depends on how big he is.

The_MaDSaM 2324 days ago

Snoopy? Did you see Charlie Brown? Oh,... nevermind... *backing ways slowly* ;)

tominwindsor 2324 days ago

Nice D.O.G., 's D.O.G.

bonnoman 2324 days ago

It's Rorschach the doggie solving crimes!

beneviolent 2324 days ago

Yup. Evil. No doubt.

PetraSky 2324 days ago

He has a Spot on his head. Hmmmmmmmmm, what to name him? He's So Cute! Name him precious.

antihuman_c 2324 days ago

Looks like the tip of his tail has been shaved due to his colouring

brendie75 2324 days ago

Is the black spot on his head where the price tag use to be?

mcgovern21 2324 days ago

Is... is he chewing on Data's, uh... no, forget I said anything. *shudders*

NotPiffany 2324 days ago

Wil, it's obvious that he likes you and you like him, so bite the bullet and take D.O.G. home, OK?

Chumplet 2324 days ago

He's very cute but the wide angle makes me think he's a pit bull. If so, he must be raised carefully.

JCB1978 2324 days ago

I think he would fit in the Wheaton family household just fine.

Dragem 2324 days ago

Cool dog