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no, its not Jennifer's Body...... its her mouth eeeeks!

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2498 days ago

no, its not Jennifer's Body...... its her mouth eeeeks!


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Mefornever 2127 days ago

Don't smoke please,

wgt_cosmos 2215 days ago

Jennifer's Body? No. It is must be yours

Lya_Mansyar 2224 days ago

Just love ur self, b4 u wanna love someone lind'.

Andpedlli 2301 days ago

no smoke please save the world and the people!!!

S33Y0U500N 2305 days ago

londsay go to dentist.becareful. baby dont worry i love you

mrmojo23 2344 days ago

jennifer needs a cleaning

CalleWestwood 2361 days ago

oh, but fashion kills, and smoking is fashion! ;)

stephaniefewer 2449 days ago

stop smoking Lindsay please!

Desi620 2452 days ago

lol she doesnt make herself look like a idiot like you lol get some help chick

faviolagarcia 2459 days ago


sMak7185 2461 days ago


kinda90 2463 days ago

u look so classy when u smoke lindz!!!

_Maka 2465 days ago

Mouhahaha her mouth ! I looked at it ! Jennifer's mouth is fine XD haha

savanamaia 2468 days ago

Stop smoking Linsay!! Smoking causes mouth diseases !

savanamaia 2468 days ago

Smoking causes mouth diseases !

aixSTAR 2472 days ago

eeerk. am now planning tostop smoking :)))HAHAA. this is soooo yuck!!

hotpocketbook 2482 days ago

ah i love to smoke

markyj75 2486 days ago

yuk thats horrible

joke_983 2486 days ago

ma bah! Ogniuno ha il suo metodo di "assorbimento" delle malattie. Fumo sigarette e maria, bevo e sto da Dio

Joann_F 2486 days ago

ewwwww!! so not cool!