Dwight Howard


After the ring!

The Tampa game. Yuuuuaa

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2437 days ago

The Tampa game. Yuuuuaa


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choosen2009 2346 days ago


quarterblack 2402 days ago

I'm Sorry u had to see that dwight

krimtastic 2435 days ago

so dat is wht da suprman view looks like huh? Wasn't a good day for da home team I c...Shutout by the G men..

Mayhiem 2436 days ago

Man that was a hard game to sit through. Did you get the pizza I sent you. lol

jrap526 2436 days ago

invest money in spongetech!!!

notbeck 2436 days ago

Don't you ever stay home, Pretty Boy?!

TromainLester 2436 days ago

Man! U got some good seats, not to mention you already tall! lol

KendrickLewis28 2437 days ago

Bucs got Crushed Dwight!

Miss_OhHotDamn 2437 days ago

im way too jealous.. id do anything to go to a tampa game =[

alissarizzie 2437 days ago

woww....too bad the Giants r gonna winnn.....hehehe GMEN!

JaiNicole 2437 days ago

I am at the game too.Giants taking it.I am not getting rained on. That's called getting Great seats!!

octobergurl 2437 days ago

Well at lease u get to see a game Detroit Lions blacked out in the D :(

AjShawler 2437 days ago

wow! but it can never be as huge as Football or "Soccer" UTD!!!!!!!!!!

dimplsz 2437 days ago

I knw it rained on yah..its bn rainin ALL week in tampa....

Alicia_Jackson 2437 days ago

OH Okay Cool!!!

St_Evo_ 2437 days ago

Not a bad view I like sitting that high cuz u can see the entire feild

ACLASSYCHICA4EV 2437 days ago

Get Em Giants, Let's GOOOO!!!!! :-)

jinxiejinxx32 2437 days ago

No mingling with the locals huh am go giants

mztnt_spice 2437 days ago


KushBST 2437 days ago

oohh live seats