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Diabinha9 1957 days ago

Matt you are fantastic...I love your hair LOOOL

JuhBragas 1988 days ago

yeah, Matt. don't cut your hair too short!! (:

weirdochic3 2002 days ago

matt, did ur hair get attacked by a lawn mower, or some little kid with a pair of scissors or what??

keishatuffahati 2035 days ago

i think matt looks hotter if his hair little bit longer. please don't cut your hair too short :D

unintended0608 2036 days ago

X box..

citizenmmrlilly 2038 days ago

wow two british people in an american football game is like two americans in an english football game. :D

Madzia_22 2038 days ago

Oh, so that's how the Port-A-Brace protective cases work! I wouldn't wanna do that in the middle of December....brrrr!

PunkMalHecho 2039 days ago

i love you look matt!!!

jnyfer 2040 days ago

lucky buggers!

AndeeFastFuse 2040 days ago

enjoying the USA are you guys? :D

DinaFKK 2041 days ago

Matt, I miss to see you using that jacket again.. Just love you so much Matthew..

ShantiSNH 2041 days ago

i love both..
they're so amazing.. :D

Teagridulce 2042 days ago

OMG..! matth is so fucking hot! =)

xiMusex 2043 days ago

Matt's hair is missing. But it looks good.

Daria_Sergeevna 2043 days ago

That barber didn't spare of Matt's hair.. But it looks good ;)

Chooligan7SMBH 2043 days ago

Matt - "Ain't Quarterbacks thoose 15p crisps?" Dom - "Mmmmm....Crisps..." XDXD!

lizbinno 2043 days ago

Hey, Meadowlands Stadium....I've been there to watch a Jets game....longest afternoon of my life,...they keep stopping for advert breaks so one game takes forever......not rugby is it?

MuMDC 2043 days ago

Matt's also haircut! ^0^

mospeeking 2043 days ago

yay.... mass media.

agentassassin 2043 days ago

Have to say ..... a wet Matt Bellamy is rather sexy ......