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This is CHEF J .. Were doing nobu style red rock miso cod!!

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2162 days ago

This is CHEF J .. Were doing nobu style red rock miso cod!!


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CatherinMoon 1628 days ago

Awwww... ^_^ Hey, Mister Cutie!!!! Cuz you really are!!!! ^_^ #jumpjumpjumpjump lol

airgirl_baby 1629 days ago

keep up a good CHEF J.i love you so much aaron.pls dont go i am the right one for you from philippines.

BylliCrayone 1629 days ago

gross, look at the eyes on that thing

LilithThePariah 1654 days ago

omg, u got the best smile ever :D

souzaliv 2025 days ago

is nemo?? hahaha cool!!!

JasminQ0501 2027 days ago

omg aaron you are so hot :D

JasminQ0501 2027 days ago

omg arron you are so hot :D

adinka21 2051 days ago

haha you very sexy lol and have some age :-)))))))))_Sweety you have facebook?

Pri_Domingues 2052 days ago

Pelo visto.. acharam o Nemo!!! hauhauhauhahu

bubaklum 2053 days ago

k horror!!!!!!!!

emoqix 2130 days ago


CarlahBsb 2130 days ago

yeah poor Nemo!! jaja

sarahbeans 2141 days ago

That looks really gross I am sure it was good but I am not much of a fish eater. Looking really good Aaron

NAYELI_CARTER 2150 days ago

poor nemo!!

Mouchitta 2155 days ago

its Nemo! xD,i love you Aaron =)

Krissy_Ice 2157 days ago

ur hair looks hot like that

ses92 2158 days ago

you look so sweet :D haha

AshleyMichele07 2160 days ago

is that REAL FISH?! Wow that fish is really staring at me!

rach_BL 2160 days ago

tu me mata ainda menino... i love fish..