Deepak Chopra



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Urmila_NL 2413 days ago

Very handsome Gurujee!!

Urmila_NL 2413 days ago

Very handsome Gurujee!!!

sean808080 2422 days ago

lookit the guru rockin the tee!

bettyluvsjoe 2430 days ago

ageless body timeless mind! lol

rosadelosviento 2432 days ago

Thank you for this photo. Beautiful

Raized_by_Zues 2433 days ago

shirtz proper D_C!

shaiQuera0 2435 days ago

I feel so lucky to know about you in this lifetime. :) xxx

k_sanjai 2435 days ago

Wrekonize .... yes!!!
... seems u r at verge of attaining nirvana

Snowspirit655 2435 days ago

I like that shirt!

Quasar63 2435 days ago

Hunting the Hidden Dimension, What I recognize. Give it a watch, I think you'll all enjoy it.

Rosetta_Marie 2435 days ago

I love when we get to see you in your own world, not on TV or in some magazine, but on your own time, doing everyday we all do...pretty cool.

CarlinhadoRicky 2435 days ago

oh! my friend! my brother! peace and love! xoxo

Kimpga01 2435 days ago

GREAT shirt!! How fun is technology? It ensures & reminds you that you're omnipresent :) Thank you for helping me find such joy in life. I've always been a very happy person, but I don't feel like my feet touch the ground anymore :)even though I know I AM

J_Trend 2435 days ago

where did you get you glasses? I need to get a pair-- my black rimmed glasses are too skinny... but with glasses like yours i may have in focus peripheral vision!

Peta_de_Aztlan 2435 days ago

I dig the pix. I am learning more about cognition and recognition. I am learning to wrekonize more stuff...

edhowes 2435 days ago

I Barely wrekonized you. :)

positiveneeds 2435 days ago

Very Cute Picture. I just came back from your Yoga Retreat in Carlsbad with Davidjj. I feel great and Yes I am meditating for once in my life. Thank you

Marie_ASSALI 2435 days ago

You look really handsome I must say:)

LoveYouMJ 2435 days ago

Deepak, you are the coolest :)

beachiegal89 2435 days ago

Nice T-shirt but I've never heard of this word. What does it mean? I am confused.