alexa chung



small head large head.

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2038 days ago

small head large head.


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tashathevegan 1642 days ago

He looks like wagner of this years Xfactor,just a little.If you dont know who I mean utube him to lol

OummmSR 1657 days ago

A skin can be white!!

Avu_Harvey 1710 days ago

hahahaaa small head large head .. lmao

a2guzman 1718 days ago

Wow, his head is like the size of your entire upper body.

salautens 1718 days ago

LOL Ow, i know him ;x

krmommy 1796 days ago

lovely smile

saplings 1887 days ago


carorinda 1888 days ago

They are in carnival? This year the party of my country (brazil) was amazing!!

DaylinSalas97 1944 days ago

lolz that is funny

duklaus 2006 days ago


aisling195 2015 days ago

aha i love you!

Skinned_teen 2019 days ago

this is probably the only pic where Ron Jeremy isnt staring at someone's boobs...

appelmanque 2021 days ago

eew. why would anyone be seen with that filth!?!?

RhiannonDunn 2023 days ago

LOVE that dress! xxx

isharmarke 2025 days ago

i bet you saw something way bigger than his head. The proof is the way you are smiling. ;p

dulciee_ 2029 days ago

mmmm i love your dress.
not as much as i love the luella heart neckline one.
and "the alexa" bag.
i'm jealous of you girrrl.
If your closet gets too full, you know what to do. ;)
i love that man too... the perfect accessory. :)

hilarysholin 2033 days ago

ahahah...funny pic. it's ron jeremy people! ugh, kids these days...go catch up on your porn classics, lol!

Jamshh 2036 days ago

Ron Jeremy?

ily_spongebob 2036 days ago

well minnie509 because you just posted that i believe you would be the twat. if you have nothing better to say then dont say it.

minnie509 2036 days ago

you twat