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It's Not Me, It's You #itsnotmeitsyou

The Headcovers .. All Con Manchas " stains" and everything ..

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2668 days ago

The Headcovers .. All Con Manchas " stains" and everything ..


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TraviesaCheers 2666 days ago

3.)..for now just sending you a digital cheer.. hopefully ICU in November..oh &theres amore mice in the bldg since ur last tweet...

TraviesaCheers 2666 days ago

2.)..can't really give u the GIMME A1,A2,A123 meeting..rumors ur cocky and hard&u need my satisfactory recipe.

TraviesaCheers 2666 days ago

1.)Boss..911UPDATE on my daily dos..I'm still working from car really broke down..dying to see you or hear from u..

TCCKris 2668 days ago

wow and I thought the new staff bag was sweet... love the headcovers george!!

flwr78 2668 days ago

Hay, What's wrong with using your sock??

Brett_Massey 2668 days ago

Send the oldies my way! Scotty really knows how to spice it up!

RK667 2668 days ago

porque tienen los ojos rojos los burros? i know;)

zman5775 2668 days ago

ay cabron ,wha hapa, drive by con paintball cuete ,TRUCHA !!!!!!!!

emoshiita 2668 days ago

LoL knock 'em dead G-Lo hahaha

G_Martinez12 2668 days ago

ay guey, aguas con la bolsa susiam lol

DancinQueen07 2668 days ago

Thats Awesome. (((:

lupe1984 2668 days ago

It looks like bozo the clown's jizz rags. Jejeje

azucena619 2668 days ago

man i didnt know mexicans/chicanos golfed i thaught that was an all white sport lol but man i bet it would be awsome to golf with you and all your jokes haha JK

algonacchick 2668 days ago

That is awesome!! Love the burros with sarapes draped over their backs.