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Rehearsing "Drugs or Jesus" with Tim McGraw...

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2431 days ago

Rehearsing "Drugs or Jesus" with Tim McGraw...


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alika72 2359 days ago

I am going to go find this song now, I'm sure it is awesome!!! U'd look better with the cowboy hat!

BajanJR 2398 days ago

i love Tim!!dudes sooo cool that must have been crazy!!

sweet_face1221 2418 days ago


gigiitalia 2424 days ago

i love that song, i love u both!

terryga54 2428 days ago

luv it, I wish I could have been there. Where was this?

grn_eyed_GATOR 2429 days ago

I Love Tim McGraw! That must have been quite an experience Chris! 2 of the sexiest family men alive!

boybandfan 2430 days ago

That would be an awesome combination of musicians to have in a song!! I know it probably sounded awesome!!

TBRaysTwins 2430 days ago

What an amazinggg combination!! 2 of our very favorites!! Wish we could have been there!! :)

JoannaRondo9 2430 days ago

LOVE THIS PIC!!! What a great combination!!!

fashiondiva1984 2430 days ago

Awww my favorite two singers, rock it out Chris!

keyannasmommy 2431 days ago

OMG.. wish I was there. Must have been amazing!!!

Marialuvsmusic 2431 days ago

Oh, would I have loved to have been there. It must have been awesome.

AprilLynette 2431 days ago

how weird...the guy i used to be the biggest fan of, Tim, and the guy who turned me into a rocker, Chris singing together!

SepiasSecret 2431 days ago

THIS I would love to see and hear! Bet it's awesome.

Jumsgirl 2431 days ago

Awesome. You're both wonderful!

teckla1 2431 days ago

That's entirely TOOOO much hottness on one stage!!!!

My_Rob_Fantasy 2431 days ago

What a dream come true. :-) I just wish I was there. Thank you so much, Chris for sharing that wonderful pic with us!! You've made me very happy.

dougneville 2431 days ago

When and where is this going to happen?

sueshe99 2431 days ago

What a match you two make!You're both from the heart family men.What great music you'll make together. I only wish I could hear you now.

BexyNurse 2431 days ago

wow, would have loved to be there for this!! = priceless!!