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Eric sitting next to me late on Friday night!  He is a sweetie!

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2631 days ago

Eric sitting next to me late on Friday night! He is a sweetie!


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armybrat1312 1834 days ago

OMG...Eric... <3

acciobea 1842 days ago

My McSteamy!

Maria_SparksFly 1867 days ago


_ericavanginkel 1956 days ago

cant even handle how good looking he is! i love eric dane <3

Ash_Damico 1957 days ago

my thoughts and prayers are with Eric..hope he gets well soon

BellaGigugin 1959 days ago


DerbhlaMga4ever 1960 days ago


pottsy000 1961 days ago

yuuuuuummmmm McSteamy :D

GreysAnatomyVzl 1961 days ago

OMG*---* I'm, died!!! so beautiful!!! =) I love him!!!

timi_vida 1964 days ago

I just say two words... AAAH McSteamy! :D

catiacferreira 2159 days ago

McSteamy!!! HAHAHA

johnnydepplover 2159 days ago

Yum :)

MrsFarenheit 2594 days ago

Pleease, tell him to sit next to ME! :) I'm kinda smiling back to this cute pic! Tell him I say hi. Tell him he looks soooo hooot
Ok, ok don't. Just.. I say hi. :D

suzanneeb 2621 days ago

OMG that grin... *melts* Sexie are the best couple ever! Get urself on Twitter Eric Dane! :D

maryspearsgaga 2623 days ago


BellaMachado 2623 days ago

:D hummmmm McSteamy!!! He's great!

rafascopel 2624 days ago

McSteamy , good looking man of my life !his smile is the best

daniela_k 2626 days ago

McSteamy is wayyyyy too McSexy

camillablimma 2628 days ago

he's so hot... oh my god Shonda Rimes is very lucky .

ellenanatomy 2629 days ago

I love Eric !! He is so beautiful !!
he is funny in this picture XD
Eric, I love you

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